Sensory Deprivation: Floating Tank Therapy Perth

Looking to de-stress after a long, hard week of working? Do you just want to take a break from your problems and distractions? We all face periods in our lives that we are just filled with stress and problems. 

Sometimes, we get tired and feel burnt out because of life's stressors. 

Luckily, there is a way to let all of them go and start afresh. 

If you want to release tension in your neck and back and as well as mental fatigue, you should try out the floating tank Perth therapy.

What Is Float Therapy?

Float therapy is a form of relaxation therapy that involves floating in warm salt water inside of a float tank, also known as a float chamber or a sensory deprivation chamber. This unique experience is often used for meditation, de-stressing or releasing tension. The ultimate goal of float therapy is to completely detach from the world by minimising external stimuli. 

This allows your body and mind to focus on recharging and recovering. By promoting complete relaxation and peacefulness, many people believe float therapy is an effective way to clear your body and mind in order to perform better afterwards. Float therapy is essentially a healthy escape from the busy world around you.

Float Therapy

How Does Float Therapy Work?

Float therapy involves the use of a float chamber or pod, warm water, and Epsom salt. The chamber is light-proof and sound-proof which eliminates any distractions that could interfere with your relaxation session. The Epsom salt water solution helps with buoyancy so anyone can float and feel weightless.

Float therapy works by blending out the stressors that have accumulated in your day-to-day life physically, mentally and emotionally.

As a result, your brain enters a deeply relaxed state to help cope with any stress or negative emotions. The air and water temperature eventually match that of your body, and with the weightlessness you experience in the water, you actually begin to perceive very little external stimuli, allowing you focus on your within and your recovery.

Sensory Deprivation Tank Experience

During flotation therapy, you will be floating inside the tank with nothing but your thoughts. It allows you to become more attuned with your self and be more relaxed. You will have the time to deeply reflect and meditate inside the tank and have a chance to understand your whole being. However, floating therapy experience is different for everyone. It can be enlightening or it can just be relaxing. One thing is for sure: the sensory deprivation tank experience is one-of-a-kind. 

What Are The Benefits of Floating Tank Therapy Perth?

Float therapy has numerous benefits. This form of relaxation helps to free your mind by putting aside the stressors and allowing yourself to heal. It ultimately helps to improve your focus and concentration as your brain is able to discharge from excess clutter and to refuel. In addition, some individuals have said that float therapy has helped with creativity by improving their sense of imagination and originality.

Another significant advantage is its ability to improve your psychological state. Because this practice helps you de-stress, floating is a great way to recover from intense mental strain. It has also been found to help with symptoms of anxiety and to improve your overall mood. Some individuals have reported that it also helped with any sleep difficulties and even symptoms of depression.

More advantages of float therapy pertain to your body’s physical state. Floating has been found to help speed up physical body recovery after intense activity by relaxing the muscles. In addition, it can help with pain such as tension headaches and muscle tension, both of which are heavily associated with stress. Because this practice helps with problems like stress and sleep, it can indirectly assist with preventing or lowering high blood pressure and your chances of getting heart disease.

Floating Tank Therapy Perth

Floating Tank Negative Side Effects

Float tank therapy has been proven to be a great way of removing stress and distraction, but some people may be skeptical about floating inside a dark tank for an hour. Can people be assured that the tanks used in flotation therapy are safe? Or would they experience some side effects from using it? 

Are Float Tanks Safe?

Float tanks are safe when used correctly under safe conditions. Because of the Epsom salt, you do not sink in the water so drowning in that sense will not happen unless it is brought on by an external factor.

Situations where float tanks are considered unsafe are mainly if you are floating while under drugs, alcohol or medications that have a sedative effect. Doing so can increase your risk of drowning because of the disorientation.

Regarding the cleanliness of the tanks, the float chambers are consistently sanitized and chamber surfaces are constantly disinfected. In addition, the saltwater is filtered, purified and replaced after every use. Because the Epsom salt actually raises salinity levels of the solution to a point that prevents bacterial growth, concerns of cleanliness should never be an issue.

Can you Feel Sick After Using a Float Tank?

Some people have experienced nausea after their first float, but it is not common. You should note that those who are sensitive to motion may be more prone to motion sickness from the therapy.

Some individuals have suggested that the fact that your body is so relaxed in the float chamber can lead to an effect where your mind starts to magnify your internal sensations which can be perceived as feelings of motion sickness. Situations like this may be due to this new environment that you have never experienced before and should subside with more experience in the float tank.

You should also acknowledge that any feelings of sickness can also be caused by what and how much you eat before your floating session. People often recommend not eating anything big within the 2 hours prior to your session to prevent distracting digestive noises or sensations and any feelings of nausea.

Float Tank

How Much Does A Float Session Cost in Perth?

The usual cost for a single float is $75 for a 1-hour session. 

Our introductory offer is only $50.00 AUD for a 45-minute session, limited to new customers only.

Float and Restore also offer float packages that you can share with friends or family and they usually cost around $150 to $600 depending on the number of sessions you want to enjoy. 

If you are looking for more ways to relax, there are spas that offer massage services before a floating session in order to loosen up your body. Typically, a massage and float session costs around $99  to $110 for a 60 minute session.

Float therapy packs have become popular so that you can save for every session. 

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