Pregnancy Massage Perth, WA

Float & Restore Health Spa invites mums and pregnant women in Perth.

Our health spa allows mums to indulge their changing bodies in a relaxing pregnancy massage that helps them enjoy the beautiful gift of motherhood.

About our Pregnancy Massage

We specialise in treating and supporting pregnant women with our with professional prenatal massage treatments.

Pregnancy – Floating & Massage:
Only 2nd and 3rd trimesters are accepted for sessions.
We recommend not to use the sauna during pregnancy.

With our three locations in Joondalup, Wangara and Cannington and our easy online booking you can enjoy the tremendous benefits of a pregnancy massage.

We support all major health providers in Western Australia
for our professional remedial massage services.

Sauna, Float & Massage FLOAT COMBO

1 x 30 min Sauna
1 x 1 hr Float
1 x 1 hr Massage

Sauna, Float & Massage

Floatation Therapy
45 Min Introductory Float

Intro Float 45 Min
Massage 2 Pack SOOTHING!

Relaxation Massage
2 x 60 Minutes

Massage 2 Pack

Now it’s even easier for you to enjoy our luxurious services
with the option to purchase via Afterpay.

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