Unplug from the day and recharge with a warm, soothing float. Immerse your mind and body in one of our state-of-the-art dream pods or rejuvenate your body with a relaxing and soothing massage or sauna session.

Floating Explained

Are you running on empty?

Floatation therapy is scientifically proven to calm the mind and create a heightened state of relaxation.

Our Dream Pods are soundproof and filled with a combination of water and 700kg of magnesium, allowing your body to float effortlessly and reset your brain and body.

Recommended Float Routine

To enjoy all the benefits of floating, we recommend a sauna session before your float.

After your floating session, your muscles are warm and relaxed, the perfect time for a remedial massage.

Intro Float

45 minute Float

(New Customer Only)


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Floating Tank Woman
Sensory Deprivation Pod

Floating Benefits

Floating tank therapy creates an environment of pure sensory relaxation. Let’s break it down:

On your first Float

There’s a chance your brain will go into overdrive. It’s your first time in a water pod, it’s warm, it’s salty and it’s a new environment. As a result, it’s very common to not last the full-session in the float tank.

Second Float

The noise in your brain will slowly fade. You know the process, you understand how it works and you’re more comfortable. This is when you start to feel the benefits and your whole body reaches a new level of relaxation.

Third Float

This is when the complete state of relaxation kicks in and you experience the full effects of float therapy. Your brain will tune out; your body will feel like it’s levitating and you will be on your way to optimum recovery.

Floating  – Questions & Answers

Is there anything I should do to prepare?

Don't drink coffee for several hours beforehand to help you relax.

We recommend that you avoid shaving or waxing on the day of your float as the salt water can irritate your skin.

Eating a light meal about an hour to 90 minutes beforehand will stop your stomach sounding like an angry monster while you float. Other than that, there's no special preparation required.

How much is a float?

First time customers enjoy a $50.00 AUD float for 45 minutes of floating bliss.

Can I float if I’m pregnant?

Floating is fantastic for pregnant women as there is a special position you can float in that completely relieves the extra weight and strain of the baby, which is most beneficial during the 8th and 9th month of pregnancy. 

Floating is not recommended during the first trimester.  If you are in your third trimester or have any concerns, please consult your doctor before coming.

What if I’m claustrophobic?

Being in the pod is more like floating in outer space rather than being shut in a box. You’re always in control of your environment, and even

people with extreme claustrophobia have reported having no problems with their time in the pod.

Can I float if I just dyed my hair?

While there is no guarantee that the salt won’t strip some colour from your hair, we recommend that you check if the water running through your hair in the shower at home is fully clear. If there is still some colour coming out, you should wait a few more days/showers before coming to our float centre.

Can more than one person float in a pod at a time?

Our Dreampods are only capable of housing one person at a time. You will gain a fuller experience from floating solo.

What are the origins of floating therapy?

Floating has been around for over 40 years and has oodles of published research to back it up. No mumbo or jumbo here.

Can I drown if I fall asleep in there?

Certainly not, some people fall asleep, but the water is so buoyant with the levels of Epsom salts that you continuously stay afloat without effort.

Do you wear bathers in a float tank?

No, you do not need to wear bathers as you will be floating in complete privacy.

Hower you are more than welcome to wear bathers if you are more comfortable.

What are the benefits of floating?

  • Improved Sleep
  • Stress Relief and Burnout Prevention
  • Pain Relief with isolation tank therapy
  • Reduced Anxiety via sensory deprivation
  • Magnesium uptake
  • Better skin

Are floating tanks sanitary?

Our state-of-the-art filtration systems constantly clean the water, giving you crystal clear water quality for every swim.

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