As we all know, learning new skills takes practice. Just like playing tennis, going to the gym, and learning the guitar – meditation takes regular practice and dedication.
Relaxation is a skill that needs to be learned, and doesn’t always come naturally. Because we are usually all so busy and tense as a result of work, family life, or health factors, it can be hard to shut-off and completely relax.
At Float and Restore we understand that it can be difficult for some to let go and give into the bliss of floating. That is why we recommend you persevere! Use your first float to find out what way you feel most comfortable in the Float pod – lights on or off? neck pillow or nothing? lid open or closed? music throughout or not? This way, your second float will be much more relaxing because you know what to expect, and by your third float – you’ll be a pro at relaxing!
The key is to allow yourself to unwind and let go.
So, keep calm and Float On….