Welcome to Float & Restore Perth’s blog page. Over the course of the coming weeks and months -and hopefully years, we shall be using this section of our website to share with you various articles on the always interesting and ever expanding subject of floatation therapy. These articles will give a voice to both our staff and most importantly…YOU!
By sharing the thoughts of a wide range of people, each looking at floating from a different perspective, Float and Restore hope to educate, entertain and enlighten! We shall also be informing you all of special offers and events, past or present, allowing you to be the first to the party. We may also share some secrets on the behind-the-scenes life here allowing you unique insights into how our centre is run.
Comments sections follow each of our posts so please share with us your thoughts on particular blog or our service in general. Feedback is extremely important to us and is a great way for us to improve and deliver the ultimate relaxation experience!
We firmly believe that Float and Restore in Wangara is the most relaxing place in Perth and we’d like to think that many of our customers agree with us on this.