To those unfamiliar, the Float and Restore Wellness Hub was launched just two weeks ago on Sunday 13th March.
The launch day was a showcase of the 5 new services we were incorporating into our facilities in Wangara, in Perth’s Northern Suburbs. Over 220, inquisitive health seekers descended on the premises with the promise of education, information and entertainment aplenty.
Beginning with a ‘Health Insights Assessment’, clientele were asked to consider various aspects of their health and well being, courtesy of questions from our Life Coach, Nutritionist, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist.
Once complete, people were then directed towards our personal trainers where they were given a free body composition analysis. This measured their body fat, muscle and water content and gave them a reference point for their discussions with our fitness experts.
After discussing their fitness and weight loss goals (if applicable), our two nutritionists welcomed people for a brief chat about the results of their assessments so far, offering nutritional and dietary advice, tailored around their individual needs.
It was then onto Alisa our Life Coach. She offered discussion on the relevant talking points from the Health Insights Questionnaire and often expanded to conversations about Emotional Intelligence, Life Design, Positive Thinking and Emotional Eating.
Visitors were then encouraged to try our aerial yoga hammocks, with our instructor giving demonstrations on the various positions a typical aerial yoga class might entail and the health benefits of such practices.
From there Vince and Andrea educated interested parties on the benefits of meditation, to the mind and body before our resident float expert offered further advice on our float services.
The last stop allowed our freshly educated, health and wellness exponents the chance to experience a free 5 minute relaxation massage courtesy of a couple of Float and Restore’s delightful massage therapists.
This was a fitting end to our Wellness Hub educational journey.
We would like to think that our experts gave valuable insights into the health and wellbeing of our valued customers and interested attendees. It hopefully reinforced the notion that true health is about more than how much you weigh or how often you get sick. It is a far wider reaching net, encompassing your attitudes, relationships, work life balance, habits and much more. We believe passionately that;
“Caring for the mind is as important as caring for the body and one cannot be healthy without the other”.
The Float and Restore Wellness Hub has been designed to help ANYONE achieve health and happiness by placing equal emphasis on the health of both the mind and the body. By prioritising the aspects of people’s lives, that are most often unattended, we hope to help create a healthier and happier YOU.
View our Wellness Hub Schedule on the Hours and Location Tab next to this one and try it for yourself!
Thank you all and look forward to seeing you soon.