Floating Improves Sleep

Floating is proven to improve sleep quality. It can reset your sleep cycle, relieving your body from the frustrating effects of insomnia and jet lag. Visit our homepage for more info on Float Tank Perth. Many people have trouble sleeping. This is because they struggle downshifting their Alpha waves into Theta waves that act as a […]

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Benefits of Magnesium – and how floating can help

Magnesium is the 3rd most important element in your body – water is the 1st! It is essential to life, necessary for good health, and a vital component within your cells. Float Tank Perth helps contribute to our overall health. Magnesium helps your body maintain balance, build immune systems and maintain a general state of […]

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How floating can help anxiety sufferers

Most of us have experienced high levels of stress before: when we’re upset about something that’s happened or is happening, or worried about something that might happen, the body goes into a “fight-or-flight” mode, which human beings have experienced ever since our long-ago ancestors had to flee from predators or fight for our survival. We […]

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