Greetings from the team at Float & Restore Perth for what is our inaugural Float Blog. We write this having just regrouped after the very successful ‘Wellness Expo’ that took place at Hillary’s Boat Harbour this past weekend. It was great to see the throngs of interested locals stream in from the early hours of Friday morning to the last sunlight on Sunday.
Some visitors were there for the Expo itself, some came merely for the beach and some for the shops and varied array of food. Many however left with a new-found knowledge of floating and its many benefits!
From our air conditioned gazebo, clad from head to toe in Float and Restore signage, we offered inquisitive passers-by free 10 minute massages whilst allowing them to listen to the Float master himself Joe Rogen espouse the numerous advantages that floatation therapy brings to anyone who tries it. All the while, the free ice-cold water we handed out were life savers for many in the 38 degree midday sun!
It is with great delight that as a result of our efforts we enabled nearly 200 people to take advantage of our Expo special prices for ‘Single’ Floats and ‘Massage & Float’ combo’s.
Many takers were keen to explore the relaxation element in a bid to relieve their work induced stress, others simply wanted to treat a loved one for Christmas, whilst a few were tempted to try out our brand new FLOGA experience every Thursday morning. This is a relaxation experience like no other and involves a 1 hour Yoga class followed by a relaxing float!
Whatever your reason for joining us, thank you and we look forward to seeing you all in our centre in Wangara over the next few weeks!
Finally, a big thank you must go to our two masseuse’s, Elly and Kate who performed tirelessly throughout the weekend ensuring hundreds of people went home a lot more relaxed than they arrived!
If you have any questions about the Expo, or floating in general please don’t hesitate to call us on the number at the top of this website and we will be happy to assist. Thank you and see you all soon!