Here at Float and Restore, we are passionate about your health. Whether it’s your state of relaxation, stress levels, diet or exercise regime, we believe they are all as important as each other!
As you hopefully know, floating allows you to take care of a couple of these aspects in one go. Floating helps reduce stress, get magnesium into your body, ease joint or muscle pain, reduce anxiety and helps you sleep, to name a few.
However in order to keep in tip top shape, we believe strongly in the power of exercise and how leading an active lifestyle complements floating perfectly.
Whether it’s through lifting weights at your local gym, running along the river, swimming in the sea, or even just sit ups in your bedroom, they all help keep you feeling alive and energetic!
By taking care of your body and mind, you are giving yourself the best possible chance to live a fulfilled and abundant life.
Since we opened, Float and Restore has always played an active role in our affiliations with like-minded businesses who have the health and wellbeing of their clients at their core!
We have had partners of all different shapes and sizes ranging from organic food and juice suppliers, to chiropractors, MMA gyms and café’s.
One such company is Adventure Fit Travel. Based in Melbourne they host life-changing trips around the world combining…you guessed it adventure, fitness and travel. If you love the prospect of hiking to the base camp of Everest but can’t find anyone to go with, or would love some expert guidance, these guys are for you!
Perhaps your more of the beachy sort? How about 7 days in the Philippines on one of the best beach destinations in the world?
Doc and his team have made it their mission to provide as much value as possible and each event is packed with expert fitness or weights coaching from some of the best in the industry. You get to mingle with other like-minded people and give yourself that break you’ve been promising yourself!
Check out their website at or find them on social media- Instagram, Facebook or Twitter or on their very own radio show

We love your feedback so if you do check them out, please let us know!

Have a great August on keep active!

Float and Restore J