* Give Away by Sexy Water Filter Ionizers *
Alkaline Filter Valued at $88
Will be Drawn @Float & Restore Wellness Weekends 2017
Hillary’s Boat Harbour 4-6th March
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Are you wanting clean, tasty and healthy water for you and your family?…We know you do because that is what we want for ours. At Sexy Water provide your home or workplace with Japanese medical grade water filter ionizers. These units clean and restructure your tap water, providing you and your family with antioxidant rich water… medically proven to be the healthiest water you can drink. The taste is clean, the water is smooth, your body absorbs it faster which intern promotes an incredible experience of a healthier and happier you. The units produce other waters which can be used for skincare, cleaning your home, cleaning your fresh produce and many other uses…
To learn more, find us online at www.sexywater.com.au & FB www.facebook.com/sexywater8
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