We are delighted to welcome Dr Baki Cil, our in-house Naturopathy and Accupuncture specialist, who will be offering consultations at our centre on Tuesdays.


His standard hands-on assessment offers a smart wellness assessment called a Meridian reading, followed by the gentle flow of traditional acupuncture, an aroma oil massage and sliding cupping. It’s an enlightening, calming and energizing healing journey!

Your First Session and Consultatiuon:

Prior to prescribing your herbal treatments and offering any hands-on session, Dr Baki likes to start your healing journey with a sound naturopathic consultation based on history taking, examination, Iridology and a Meridian Reading. This is essential for guiding him to identify the root cause of your health problems so that he can help you in the best way possible to regain your health and enjoy your life!


The taste and the healing qualities of Dr Baki’s lovely herbal tea range have been proven through many years of clinical experience. Let them be part of your every-day life to cleanse your body and mind.


To find out more, check out Dr Baki’s website, and give him a call to schedule your Tuesday appointment at Float and Restore.