Sydney Morning Herald Article by Stephanie Darling, 26 January 2019


This week, Jonah tries… a float session

The lowdown I’ll let Jonah explain: “I am floating in a sensory deprivation tank aptly named Apollo – enclosed in pitch blackness, it feels like being on a journey through space.

The tank’s Epsom salts water is heated to body temperature and feels smooth on my skin; my senses are dissolving around me and my mind is escaping the hectic urban environment. I feel like a fish effortlessly gliding through the ocean, trying to figure out which way the currents are sending me. It’s very therapeutic.”

Downtime Some 75 fluid minutes.

Pain factor “None. It’s a pleasurable out-of-body experience.”

Results “For the rest of the day, my mind and body are at ease and I have a fresh perspective on my surroundings. For me, this was a great mental and physical timeout and definitely an experience to be enjoyed in the buff.”