Himalayan Salt Lamps release negative ions that cleanse and deoderise the air, whilst counteracting the electromagnetic radiation that comes from our electronic gadgets!


There are so many amazing health benefits of salt lamps, but here are just 6 reasons why you need one in your life, TODAY!


1. They reduce allergies & asthma symptoms

Salt lamps remove dust, toxins and odours, purifying the air and reducing allergy symptoms


2. They help alleviate feelings of stress and anxiety

The negative ions emitted from Salt lamps counteract the electromagnetic radiation from our electronic gadgets. Continuous exposure to these gadgets can lead to side effects of fatigue, stress, anxiety and a weakened immune system


3. They help improve sleep

Too many positive ions in the air lowers the quality of sleep. Because Salt lamps absorb these positive ions, and release negative ones, they improve the quality of air in the room and make it a calmer and cleaner environment for rest and sleep


4. They improve mood and concentration

The cleansing ability Salt lamps have on their environment can help to improve your mood and concentration levels


5. They are so pretty

Himalayan Salt Lamps are made from beautifully formed salt crystals that range in colour from off-white to a soft pink. The Himalayan salt used for our lamps is pure and hand-mined, meaning our lamps our high-quality that can be used for up to 15 hours a day


6. They are on sale!

Our kiosks are having an amazing sale, so why not grab yourself one of our 2 for offers 🙂

  • 1-2kg – 2 for $40
  • 2-3kg – 2 for $60
  • 3-4kg – 2 for $80
  • 4-6kg – 2 for $100